Faina appears in North Carolina

Dear kind readers,

First and foremost, thank you so much for all the wonderful support in the nomination for the Guardian First Book Award. Ten readers have already posted their thoughtful reviews on the website on the Guardian’s website. And thank you for the clarification from cravingpages: you have to register with the Guardian, which is free, and log in before you can post a review.

Another note of gratitude — we are nearing 1,000 likes on The Snow Child’s Facebook page!

And finally, I received a fun email the other day from a member of a book club on the Currituck Sound in North Carolina that recently read The Snow Child:

It was 90 degrees that day…..but the home was decorated with snowflakes and outside we had a mockup of Faina. Shown in the photo are the 3 hostesses with Faina. It was a great discussion with 26 gals attending! We served “moose meat” sandwiches, potato salad, stuffed eggs, blueberries, carrots, white cake and cranberry cordials.

Faina on a sunny beach in North Carolina.

As I’ve mentioned, I am a member of a book club here in Palmer, Alaska, and it gives me such joy to think of women around the world gathering to share their love of books.

Have you ever hosted a theme book club, either around The Snow Child or another book? What kind of decorations and food did you feature?




The Guardian First Book Award

Dear writerly reader,

First I want to thank you all for your brilliant/lovely/surprising descriptions of summer nights. Comments appeared both here on my blog and through the website goodreads. Cicadas, fireflies, sparrows, the late-setting sun, noisy traffic, hooting owls — I was transported to London, Florida, Chicago, Australia, Iowa, the Netherlands, Italy. You all are amazing!

I also want to share some exciting news. I learned this morning that The Snow Child is among reader-nominated titles being considered for the long list for The Guardian First Book Award. This is one of UK’s most prestigious book prizes, and I am so thrilled to have my book in the mix.

Readers are already showing their support for The Snow Child by leaving their comments with The Guardian by visiting here and by tweeting on Twitter

The long list for the prize consists of 10 books, fiction and nonfiction, published in the UK during the current year. It must  be the author’s first book. The Guardian has already selected nine titles for the long list, but the final title will be chosen based on reader response.

According to The Guardian:

“If you have read The Snow Child, add your review to the book page and have a say in the final selection. The 10th title will be announced at the end of July.”

The Guardian will announce the 10th title at the end of July, and it’ll go forward to the longlist, to be judged as by Waterstones books groups around the country, along with a central panel.

I have been so touched by the response from readers around the world. Thank you everyone!