Dear reader,

Summer here in Alaska is passing swiftly by, and I have so much to share with you. As most of you know, my new novel To the Bright Edge of the World will be released August 2 here in the US and in the UK. Here are the beautiful covers:


I have other news, too:

  • The Bright Edge book release party is August 2 at the Palmer Train Depot in downtown Palmer, Alaska, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Thanks to Fireside Books for coordinating the celebration! (You can contact them to reserve copies.) In addition to my reading and book signing, I’m thrilled that Ruth Hulbert will be there to discuss the amazing map and sketches she did for the book.
  • I will be going on tour with the new book in the US and the UK during the month of August, with additional events in September and October. I’ll keep you updated and will post the schedules on my website.
  • Finally, while I will continue to blog here about books and events, I will also be sending out Tiny Letters. This is a fun way for me to connect directly with readers and share stories from my adventures both in Alaska and in the world of literature. You can sign up here. Each week or so,  you’ll receive a short letter from me in your email box. This week’s letter is about the moose calf I helped raise when I was a little girl.




Glad you’re here with me

Dear brave reader,

I was initially a little scared to launch my own blog. What on earth would I write about? Who would read it? But then I was lucky enough to write a few posts for one of my favorite sites, 49Writers.  I talked about great books I had read and my writing partnership with my mom. Readers commented about their own experiences.  This isn’t so bad, I thought. It’s actually kind of fun.

Then I thought back to my years writing columns for the Frontiersman newspaper — articles about ice skating on frozen lakes and the long-awaited arrival of spring in the far north. A blog would be a chance to share these kinds of stories with neighbors even farther afield. I’ll write about the terrific independent bookstore, Fireside Books where I work, and my passion for books. I’ll also write about the everyday aspects of an Alaskan lifestyle that people from other places might find interesting, or ever exotic.

This will be a place for a few good, old-fashioned bear stories (every Alaskan has one or two) …

… as well as updates on the release of my upcoming book. My debut novel, THE SNOW CHILD, will be published in hardcover Feb. 1 by Reagan Arthur Books/Little, Brown & Co.

These next few months will be an all new adventure for me, so please come along. We’ll see where we end up. As my dad once said to me, “It’s time to kick off the Birkenstocks and put on the hiking boots.”